Pitch Creative uniquely combines strategic and commercial acumen, refined analytical ability and communication skills with engaging creativity to help you win.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a holistic suite of solutions designed to improve their overall chances of success. We develop the content and design of premium pitch decks, investor documents, tenders and bids, unsolicited proposals, grant applications and capability statements.

Pitch decks

Pitch decks with punch

We’re not just about fonts and fancy graphics. We uniquely combine experience and knowledge to clearly articulate complex ideas and develop strong written content with the ability to visually present your content in a memorable way.

Investor documents

Creating winning first impressions

We help innovative startups communicate their unique investment opportunity to investors. Let us give you the boost you need to secure investment capital. Pitch Creative can develop your investor documents including pitch documents, annual reports or project reports which provide vital information about yourself and your idea.

Investor documents require research into the wants and needs of your target audience ensuring your messaging effectively targets these elements. The language used is designed to match your audience and is kept succinct and clearly articulated.

Tenders & bids

We live and breathe tenders

Pitch Creative are proud to have an excellent success rate in winning high-value tenders.

A great tender can catapult your business to success, which is why it is important to seek professional help in developing tenders as well as in the bid management process to make the most out of your opportunity.

Tenders and bids tend to follow prescriptive formulas requiring a specific set of skills to develop the content required for not only a conforming, but also an outstanding response. We understand the complex requirements of tender processes and the need to present a clear message within this complexity.

We combine strong business analysis skills and management knowledge with sophisticated marketing communications methods to ensure we develop a strong business case and present it in the most persuasive way. Whether your tender process needs a quick spruce or a complete overhaul, Pitch Creative is here to assist you in whatever capacity you require.


Well-written and well-presented proposals

We write winning tender proposals that deliver a compelling commercial offer. We are more than bid writers – we are communication specialists who can improve your win rate exponentially.

Pitch Creative can develop your proposal to enable you to effectively convey information about yourself and your idea in a clear and concise format. The process involves comprehensive research into the wants and needs of your target audience, ensuring your messaging successfully targets these elements. The language used is designed to evoke and engage with your audience, whilst being succinctly and clearly articulated.

Grant applications

Winning applications

Competitive grant programs offer opportunities for funding to establish or grow your idea. The grants landscape can be highly competitive and complex requiring specific skills to navigate. Pitch Creative can help you to prepare your grant applications and ensure the messages are on-point and the application is conforming to provide a competitive edge over other applicants.

Capability statements

Showoff your best colours

Pitch Creative can develop your capability statement to meritoriously showcase your abilities, experience, core team and skills providing what your target audience wants and needs. We can create a compelling capability statement that is value driven and highlights who you are in your best light.